QNB Trade Portal

The banking and finance world is becoming more digitized every day. We have been leading the digital transformation efforts of the industry for many years, and one of the culminations of such efforts is our bespoke Trade Portal.

QNB Trade Portal is a unique integrated e-business solution offering importers and exporters a full-featured console to seamlessly connect to QNB in order to complete your international trade transactions while simultaneously accessing a wide range of features to follow-up with your activities.



Benefits & Features

It is a one-stop shop, through which, you can:

  • create, amend, and check the status of your documentary credit applications
  • initiate guarantee issuance requests
  • submit a request for financing import and export transactions

QNB Trade Portal provides a state-of-the-art technology and it is a customized web-based console to process and review your transactions. In addition to submitting your business requests, you can browse analytics reports covering your previous or upcoming transactions.

It is a highly secure platform, which will mimic your existing approval authority matrix in your organization, eliminating paperwork or physical delivery requirements for issuance instructions.


Web Based Training

We are organizing regular web-based training sessions. If you would like to watch a demo of the platform, and how it can help your organization grow its business, please send an email to us, or contact your Relationship Manager, providing your company details. We will add you to our invitee list for our next Webinar.


How to Apply

If you already know about our platform and you want to be on-board, please fill up the relevant forms below, send an email to us, or contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.

For more information or assistance, contact our Global Transaction Banking Team by email via [email protected], or call us at 4440 7720.

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