Corporate Account

Tailored corporate accounts for your particular business needs.

QNB provides various accounts to cater to the needs of corporates, ranging from current accounts, call accounts, fixed deposits, to non-resident accounts.


Whether you are looking to expand your business or learn more about corporate accounts from QNB, we got you covered. Benefit from QNB’s innovative global corporate banking solutions that meet your business requirements and aspirations  



Corporates with a valid CR, municipality license or letter of authority from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • Dedicated Business banking areas
  • Dedicated Corporate Cash Management Service

  • Dedicated Corporate Trade Service

Bank Forms (All forms must be duly signed in the presence of the
Bank's Representative)

  •  Account Opening Form
  •  Accounts Services Term and Conditions
  •  KYC (Know Your Customer) Application
  •  Tax Residency Self-Certification Form
  •  FATCA Forms
  •  Signature Cards

Required Documents

  • Commercial Registration in Arabic
  • Proof of company name in English as registered with Ministry of Commerce and Industry*
  •  Article of Associations with amendments, if applicable
  •  Commercial License
  • TAX Card
  •  Establishment Card
  •  Copy of Qatari IDs & Passports (for non-Qataris only) of all Partners & Authorized Signatories.
  •  Mandate Letter / Board Resolution determining the authority matrix for the operation of the account signed by authorized signatories in the CR, supported by official delegation either in the Article of Associations or Internal Resolution acceptable to the bank.

*Authorized signatory mentioned in this card shall not be considered as authorized signatory to operate the account except their names are indicated in the CR (and have power as per the company Article of Association, in case of non-sole proprietorship)


Required Forms


Additional forms can be found here

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