Global Transaction Banking

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Corporates with a valid QNB accounts, CR, municipality license or letter of authority from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Benefits & Features

The fundamental values and philosophies of Global Transaction Banking can be translated into its mission statement: “Shaping QNB Group’s iconic global transaction banking businesses with a proactive business development approach.”
Global Transaction Banking consists of two units under the umbrella of Group Corporate and Institution Banking, based in QNB’s Doha Head Office:
  1. Global Trade Services (GTS)
  • Trade Sales Management
  • Trade Product Management
  1. Global Cash Management (GCM)
  • Sales Management
  • Product Management
  • Cash Management Services and Implementation
The main role of Global Transaction Banking is to provide support to all related parties across QNB’s global network and to optimize transaction banking resources, expertise and solutions in order to ensure further development, sustainable growth, and stronger profit and loss statements in the iconic Transaction Banking business in QNB Group. Global Transaction Banking also has cash management and trade sales resources in QNB’s International branches.
The Global Transaction Banking Department's main responsibilities are:
Global Trade Services (GTS)
  1. Drive trade & supply chain finance strategy and business planning for QNB Group;
  2. Manage product profit and loss jointly with country business management and maintain a strong deal pipeline;
  3. Help trade & supply chain finance structuring for complex transactions;
  4. Follow international export/import trends and lead innovation in trade & supply chain finance;
  5. Ensure that the entire QNB network is optimally utilized to maximize shareholder returns from trade products; and
  6. Provide training on trade services to ensure successful knowledge transfer and know-how sharing.
Global Cash Management (GCM)
  1. Developing cash products and services for customers, conducting cash product sales, and implementing solutions through a dedicated service;
  2. Developing and implementing QNB corporate eChannels (QNB eBusiness, SWIFT for Corporates and Trade Portal (Misys));
  3. Increasing payment straight through processing and QNB’s market share;
  4. Key cash management products (domestic and foreign currency payments, Electronic cheque clearing, corporate credit cards, utility bill payments, eStatements, eAdvices, PayPal, express collection services and VAT refund services).


QCB new Purpose of Payment (PoP) codes for international transfers. 

From July 2024, the new PoP code is required to be presented in any international transfer, such as: international transfer, bulk file, and Host-to-Host files.

Click here to download QCB new PoP code for international transfers. 

For more info, please contact our customer service team at [email protected]

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